Repair kits to suit Cla-val RPZ

Please note: All Cla-Val products are interchangable with corresponding Febco models.

Choose your following Cla-Val model from the list below.

Cla-Val RP6L - 20mm to 32mm
Cla-Val RP6L - 40mm to 50mm

Cla-Val RP6L - 65mm
Cla-Val RP6L - 80mm
Cla-Val RP6L - 100mm
Cla-Val RP6L - 150mm


Cla-Val RP8L - 15mm to 20mm
Cla-Val RP8L - 25mm
Cla-Val RP8L - 32mm to 50mm
Cla-Val RP8L - 65mm to 80mm
Cla-Val RP8L - 100mm
Cla-Val RP8L - 150mm

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