Tyco 98 v 03 lengths

In removing Tyco DC98,and RP98 models, and installing Tyco DC03, and RP03 models, it may be beneficial to have the lengths of the old verses new valves handy, to know if it will be an easy fit, of if there is work to be done.

The lengths quoted below are the valve length without couplings i.e. the base valve that is easily removable by uncrewing the couplings.

All measurements are a rough guide and should be checked on site.

Tyco DC98 15mm to 25mm = 200mm long.    Tyco DC03 15mm to 25mm = 193mm long.    DC03 = 7mm shorter

Tyco RP98 15mm to 25mm = 225mm long.    Tyco RP03 15mm to 25mm = 193mm long.    RP03 = 32mm longer

Tyco DC98 32mm to 50mm = 250mm long.    Tyco DC03 32mm to 50mm = 263mm long.    DC03 = 13mm longer

Tyco RP98 32mm to 50mm = 283mm long.    Tyco RP03 32mm to 50mm = 263mm long.    RP03 = 20mm shorter


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