Did you know that there is a step by step process for testing all styles of Back Flow Valves?

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The regulations require that Backflow Prevention Valves be tested with a gauge that is calibrated annually. Backflow Cenral has the calibration service to do this.

Our calibration and repair services are available AUSTRALIA WIDE! If you send your gauge to us, we can perform the calibration and check over, or a service and repair if need be, and send your test kit back to you. All work is carried out by experienced professionals and it is our priority to offer a fast turn around and quality service as standard.

All test are NATA tracable, and three separate tests are performed on your guage to ensure "fit for use"

The tests we perform are:-

Calibration on our water column calibration rig, to AS2845.1 1998....the most accurate method available.

Flow test.... to ensure no blockages impair the performance of your gauge.

Live test on an RPZ valve..... to ensure it all works as it should do!

Cost of a standard calibration is $135.00+GST and return freight is calculated upon return location, some areas may recieve Express Post services if required.

Please note that if you purchase a test kit from us, the first year calibration from the purchase date is for free.

Our testing days are Monday top Friday, with exeptions to public holidays. If you are interested in using Backflow Central as your calibration specialists but need to send your test kit to us, please use the following postal address:

Ship to:
Backflow Central

HydroMet Building
Unit 3/34 Cessna Drive
Caboolture, QLD 4510

Upon sending your test kit to us via post, all we require is for you to lodge the booking using the form below. By completing this form, we will have all the necessary information to contact you.

So don't put off your calibration until it's too late, bring your gauge into Backflow Central today! 

Repair Services

With our experience of calibration and repairs, we find that gauges have a reliable life of typically anywhere between 5 years and 25 years. This depends on the type of gauge, and their use.

The Asian made gauges tend to have a shorter life. Good quality U.S. gauges are more reliable long term, and generally have a longer life.

Should your gauge need maintenance or repair, we charge a minimum $110 + GST to carry out any work on it.

Extra costs may apply if further work, or parts, are required.